Ripped Jeans and Cigarettes?

Rebellion. What is it? When is it right? When is it wrong? Is it worth it? Are you a rebel? Am I? Should we be? Do we need to be hormonal teenagers who wear ripped jeans and smoke cigarettes to be rebels? Who knows. The many degrees of rebellion make it hard to categorize the … Continue reading Ripped Jeans and Cigarettes?

Identity Crisis

Are you a person who reflects over the previous year, every year? If you are this person, please pat yourself on the back and humbly accept these 20 hypothetical life points. If you are not this person, like me, we probably share this common wonder over how and why do certain people reflect over every … Continue reading Identity Crisis

50 Things I am Thankful for

Although Thanksgiving has passed, here is a list of 50 things I am thankful for and that you may not care about. *Narrator voice narrating your life* And just at this moment, [Stacy/Dylan/insert your name] has lost interest in this particular post. [She/He/It] proceeds to think about more relevant matters such as [the leftover turkey in their … Continue reading 50 Things I am Thankful for

Victoria’s Secret is Out

Open a new tab to google Victoria Secret, and notice how the official Victoria Secret site describes its own products as “the world’s best bras. The sexiest lingerie. The most beautiful supermodels.” Making such claims may be an excellent ruse for marketing, and whether or not they are true, they influence society’s values and break us. … Continue reading Victoria’s Secret is Out