“R.I.P 2 My Youth”

I have a problem. No. Actually, we have a problem and by we, I mean my peers and I. When I walk into school all I see are ghost faces. I feel empty bodies. I feel the spirit of the walking dead. That happiness that had once roamed the atmosphere just a few years back in Middle School has completely dissolved. We could easily blame it on our hormones, perhaps almost entirely, but there is also the stress of school and our personal lives. I mean, if 3/3 of my friends slightly dislike school, and 1/3 of which see a therapist and the other 2/3 have a therapeutic music playlist, there must something horrible going on.

Many of my friends and I, sometimes, maybe too often, give up on non-school related activities because of school, and I can attest that if we were to die tomorrow, our epitaph would say: “[so and so] spent a great deal of time in school and went ice-skating 2 years ago? Or was that 3 years ago? Or maybe it was just a fantasy… We will never know because [so and so] was a hermit and was barely seen.” There ARE people who do give up on school and exclusively do non-school related activities and of course, SOME manage to find a balance. However, the one thing that most of us are incapable of doing is preventing school from consuming our energy, brain and emotions. I do think education is important, I really do, but how important is it that we have to give up other things?

As one of my friends once said: “you get to the point when you don’t know how to prioritize your personal [life] from your school [life]. And then school starts over powering the personal [life]…Which I think is bad because yeah, I’ll be in school for like 5 more years but afterwards what will I have? A bunch of good grades and a slap on the back? I don’t know, I just want to spend my time doing things that have value to me but then school is  like ‘nuuuurp haha [screw you]’.”  With that said, I do not mean to suggest that we should drop out of school because it is a waste time, in the contrary, it is very valuable. I just mean that we should not sacrifice our LIVES for school because when you think about it, that’s just sad. We should make sacrifices for school, for others, and most importantly, for ourselves. Because in the end, whether that is in decades or tomorrow, we would prefer having lived a happy life; that is extremely subjective so if you do not think so well, I sincerely hope you can find some professional help.

Let us construct a firewall which prevents school from sucking our souls and dumping our bodies into an eternal spiral of darkness and nothingness. Let us build and empower this wall with things that have value to us in order to find equilibrium between what we are obliged to do and the things we want to do, and if we are lucky, to find happiness.

P.S. Sorry this was too edgy.

3 thoughts on ““R.I.P 2 My Youth”

  1. Tiffany please do not apologize for the edginess of this post, because this post is so true and just the sort of things we need to be saying. I love how you confront the terror school can create in our lives head on, unapologetically, it shows that you are brave enough to think for yourself and not to conform to the system. I needed to hear this post, in the midst of exams and craziness, I needed to be reminded that I can take care of myself instead of always ignoring my physical and emotional health for temporary grades. Your vivid diction, subtle humor, and just overall awesomeness make this post wonderful. I’m sure this post isn’t perfect, but I think it’s pretty great. It get’s your message across so I’m not overly concerned with annoying trivialities like punctuation.Don’t ever be afraid to speak out, because when you do it’s amazing.

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  2. As Makenzie said, please do not apologize for the edginess of this post I absolutely love it. This post makes me feel like I am not alone in how I feel about school, and the paradox of how valuable it is but also how soul-sucking. I am afraid of not fully living my life and being happy, but I don’t feel like I am doing that right now and you confront that and explore solutions. This post is so important and finding a balance is as important but terribly difficult. One miniscule correction is that I believe the phrase is “on the contrary,” not “in.”
    Thank you for being so real, understanding, unapologetic and inspiring hope Tiffany. X


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