Letter to School Board

Dear School Board,

Thank you for ensuring that the word ‘creativity’ does not remain unknown to us, your students. Thank you for the inspired art teachers who encourage us to be creative during every single class time; after all art classes are now intensive creativity zones that no other class could really amount to. Phrases such as “think outside the box,” “be creative,” or “don’t be cliche” are ones that are often articulated by an expectant teacher whose students are nearly incapable to function properly. But why?

Surely creativity is expected and stressed elsewhere but why does the system make it seem as if creativity is mostly a complimentary to self-expression or even broader, creation? Why are students constantly told to reinforce creativity when creating art, a poster, a presentation, an essay or a mechanical Apache helicopter made out of cardboard? Though it is true that creativity is a complimentary to creation, creative thinking is a complimentary to life and students need to be equipped with it.

Students need to have the ability to creatively swift their way out of undesirable or challenging situations and in truth, art classes are not enough to make creative thinking into a habit. This is not a letter to suggest that a creativity class should be created, but it is to say that education should incorporate creativity as part of the values held important. Somehow…

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