Get to Know D.H. Lawrence

I am currently working on a research project about D.H Lawrence and part of the process is getting to know his personality more. So far I can assure you that the man was EDGY. He was one of those people who hated the drastic changes during the Industrial Revolution. I would sum him as a bipolar, depressed, and obsessive.

As a forewarning, I think reading too much of his works led me to experience an existential crisis and I think I may becoming as edgy as him. If you feel like this guy is your kind of friend, keep reading ahead if you wish to get to know him.

Getting to know D.H. Lawrence with metaphors:


  1. If D.H. Lawrence were an appliance, he would be an automatic kitchen whisker because when one reads his writing, initial ideas in their mind are automatically stirred up.
  2. If D.H. Lawrence were a color, he would be burgundy as its tints of red and dark hue make the color sensuous and somber at the same time. Lawrence is as contradictory as burgundy: Lawrence’s works essentially describe sex and love as sacred things humans consume heartlessly. He sought to bring true meaning to love but in doing so he was a bit harsh and made new enemies.
  3. If D.H. Lawrence were a season, he would be fall. Fall is “stuck” between the warmest and the coldest seasons. Lawrence was also stuck between a cold and a warm world: his ideas bloomed bright in his mind and yet they also pulled him towards depression.
  4. If D.H. Lawrence were a shape, he would be a circle. A circle’s equation differs from its angular counterparts such as rectangles and triangles. Lawrence is a circle because he formulated his own ideology and was made up of his own equation.
  5. If D.H. Lawrence were a day of the week, he would be Tuesday. Tuesday is only two days into a week and yet it is a sign of advancement. Lawrence would be Tuesday because though his works contributed to English Literature and were a catalyst for advancement, people of his time did not venerate his works.
  6. If D.H. Lawrence were an article of clothing, he would be some sort of undergarment. Undergarments are usually considered inappropriate to display even if everyone wears one. In the same way, Lawrence was considered “scandalous” and inappropriate because he talked about sex and love in a way nobody did at that time.
  7. If D.H. Lawrence were a type of building, he would be a Post-Modernism skyscraper because he had “an inner skeleton of steel” in him which supported his controversial ideas.
  8. If D.H. Lawrence were a musical instrument, he would be a snare drum. Snare drums are often noticeable in a song because they have a sharp and distinct sound. Though Lawrence was not appreciated, his works were controversial enough that people talked about them and heard about them.
  9. If D.H. Lawrence were an animal, he would a bird. Birds take flight but can only go as far as the sky. In the same way, Lawrence was taking flight from common ideas but he could not reach his full artistic potential.
  10. If D.H. Lawrence were a song, he would be “Hanging by a Thread” by AKA George Click here for the lyrics. D.H Lawrence was as depressing and as candid as this song.  Lawrence was waiting for a change in society and while waiting, he was in conflict with his religion (just like in the lyrics).
  11. If D.H. Lawrence were a substance, he would be pure water. He was raw and pure as water because he kept his views no matter how different they were.
  12. If D.H. Lawrence were a fragrance, he would be the kind of fragrance that can be smelled from miles away; his controversial views spread quickly.
  13. If D.H. Lawrence were a painting, he would be Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? by Gauguin. This painting is essentially about primitive societies and at one point in his life, Lawrence was also preoccupied with primitive lifestyles. In this respect, both the painting and Lawrence give a novel message.
  14. If D.H. Lawrence were a painter, he would be Leonardo Di Vinci. Did you know Lawrence could actually paint? He wrote novels, plays, essay, and poems: he was “an artistic Renaissance man.”
  15. If D.H. Lawrence were a car, he would be a BMW. Many criticize the car’s performance just like how many people criticized Lawrence’s works; however, they are not bad at all.

OK so there it is. The last two were a big stretch but hopefully you are not too creeped out by Lawrence.

One thought on “Get to Know D.H. Lawrence

  1. Tiffany, this post is very detailed and descriptive. You give good reasons for your metaphors and explain in lucid language what kind of person D.H. Lawrence is in your eyes. One suggestion would be to provide some general biographical information at the beginning for people outside our class. Apart from that, I think “Post-Modernism skyscraper” should be “Post-modern skyscraper” in your 7th metaphor. Good job!

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