You Telling Me This, You Telling That.

Have you ever asked a question to someone and they tell you to google the answer? Maybe you have said that to someone, I know I am guilty of it. It is as if by default, we are confident that the internet, specifically Google, has all the answers and holds the truth. You and me alike, we commonly use the internet to confirm information about a word, a person,  a place, an event, or our health. We hold the internet accountable for giving us information about anything ranging from our next door neighbor to the French Revolution.

I cannot guess your relationship with the internet, but I dare say that the internet is vital to my life because I rely on it everyday for various purposes. I do not think there is a problem worth noting there but the problem is when I do use the internet, it is not in my habit to stop to question the source (unless the information is ridiculous.) An example of ridiculous information is that I have aunts on Facebook who share links to sites that make terrible claims such as “eating potatoes will cause cancer!” I mean, come on.

After knowing that Oxford’s trending word of 2016 is “post-truth” and that post-truths surface more often than we know, I started thinking that I should question whatever I read in the internet more; otherwise I may end up being influenced by what is emotionally manipulative rather than seeing  objective facts. If you are like me and you do not have the habit to do a quick fact check, change. I mean, ultimately we can both end up voting for the wrong president for the wrong reasons.

Being passive about information is dangerous because when we trust in manipulated information, we will take that into tomorrow. We will take that which is not true.

And that is scary. If we don’t double check the reliability of a site, we might stop eating potatoes and start eating manure. For this reason, no matter the circumstances we should be telling the truth so not to mislead anyone else into a life full of deceptions.

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