We are Alive and Decomposing.

I have never envisioned my life to be pounded down with so much stress and anxieties. I used to idealize the future  as happier, as spontaneous and mostly, as worth living. Instead of being splashes of colors however, my life is currently about staying at the surface of a sea of homework as I drown. Living in such conditions sometimes give me the impression that life is pointless and meaningless, until I remember one thing:

Life is its own purpose; it is here so we can use it, spend it, and make the most of out if. I remember that if I complain too much and do nothing about it then life WOULD be worthless. So after listening to sad songs and  going deep into the illusion that I am a classical Greek thinker for a solid month, I get myself together and try not to complain.

The easiest way to spend your life well is to move to Cape Town. But that may too unrealistic for some of us, and there are simpler ways to live like you are not wasting your time. Here is how I do it.

I am not in the position to move to CT or to use my Tuesdays to do extreme high adrenaline activities such as skydiving, shark swimming, rafting and you know, things busy people cannot afford to do. Instead, I try to accumulate as many experiences, knowledge (things that I won’t mind learning), and memories as I can in a day.

For example, one of the things that gets me excited about life is diversity. In my house, my parents prepare food from places they have been to or from those who seem to have good food. We almost eat food from a different country everyday. Though it has become a routine and is normal to us, in the end, my parents have learned how to cook diverse dishes and we have eaten a wide range of food; not having to eat the same kind of food makes everyday more interesting .

Foods that we enjoy the most to prepare/eat are the following:

  • Tteok (Korea)
  • Ugali (Kenya)
  • Yassa (Senegal)
  • Cantonese fried rice (China)
  • Kroppkakor (Sweden)
  • Pao (China)
  • Sushi (Japan)
  • General Thai food
  • Couscous (Moroccan style)
  • General French food
  • Malagasy food

On top of the food, the movies I watch and the songs I listen to also come from different corners of the world. Sometimes I like to learn the basics of a language because why not? Though I don’t achieve much by eating international food and by watching international movies, at least I don’t feel like I am wasting my time; I rather feel like I discover the world from just sitting in place.

So I don’t know how you want to live but you should live by doing at least something. To truly live you can’t just exist and complain about how boring life is- because it isn’t. You want to live? Then appreciate life because you are kind of alive an decomposing.

2 thoughts on “We are Alive and Decomposing.

  1. Tiffany, this is wonderful. I really enjoyed this post – it has a very specific voice and really vivid imagery. It’s true, we are all drowning in our work, and it’s really nice to be reminded of the simple ways we can experience life right now. Not many people addressed the more practical ways of living fully and I’m really glad you did. Your imagery is strong, and the piece feels specific. I know that you wrote it even without seeing your name on it. I found it really funny how you say that Cape Town is the place where one can live fully – seem like such a non-sequitur to me, but I love the inclusion of it. There are a few grammatical/spelling issues (1. in the first paragraph, “so much stress and anxieties” should be “so much stress and anxiety” 2. “alive an decomposing” should say “and” in the last sentence) but over all, this was a strong post. Lovely job 🙂

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  2. Hi Tiffany! The parallelism you used in your first paragraph worked well for you, but as a whole, the paragraph is hard to follow. Try reading the paragraph out loud to catch extra words and confusing parts (like “life to be pounded”). I really like the first sentence of the second paragraph where you (again) use parallelism and get your main point across clearly. You also did a great job “explaining” the meaning of your title at the end; overall, your post was an interesting read and reminded me of the responsibility that I have over my life. 🙂

    Have a good evening. ❤ Carmel

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